Sunday, December 19, 2010


Its a cold, cloudy NY day and I'm in a melancoly mood so here goes my poetic drival:

There is madness sitting on the periphery of everything I do. This mania coupled with debilitating misery, is all encompassing at times. Like its trying to swallow me whole.
If I am known as a 'rational' being and I experience such desolation, what do 'irrational' beings experience and how far into madness do they fall?
The hours, minutes and days pass. I feel them go by like a freight train, a whispers breath, always so hard to grasp.

Can another being really make us feel whole, alive?
Can they take the emptiness and the doubt and banish it from the very fiber of our souls?
Is there any real purpose in humans suffering all of this malaise? Where is the answer man when you need him. Is there an app for that?
When its all done, will we look back and reach some pinnacle of understanding and self-awareness or are we all preconditioned in the art of melancholy to just feel.....too much or perhaps nothing at all.
If we were lobotomized one heart string at a time......
But what kind of world would it be then?

If indifference took over and there were no stakes involved, what would we hope for? Where would our dreams go when we wouldn't even care if they were ever realized?