Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Somewhat of a dream come true

So I got the call today....What call you ask? Well, its the call to appear on a soap opera. Yes, I am an actress, born and raised in NYC. But like most, I also have a day job that helps keep me a float till 'that day' comes. You know what that means don't you? Every actor knows that 'the day' is referring to the day you are finally given the chance to prove you can act, you have talent, you have 'the it' factor. But to be honest, in this day and age, that doesn't seem to carry much weight anymore.
In the current world of reality TV and stalkarazzi, anyone and everyone can become famous if the scandal is good enough and the sex video is risque enough. I chose the old-fashioned way; working my ass off for 10 years and still waiting for the headline above my head to read 'over-night success' WAITING!)

10 years ago I started telling myself that I could make this happen. I have always had a calling for this. In fact I remember 'acting' my way out of plenty of trouble. Its a little disheartning to realize how much time I wasted on career paths that were not my passion. All because I was so worried and insecure about what others thought and believing that my dreams would never come true.

As kids we believe anything is possible because we're naive and inexperienced. Then as teenagers, you go through that horrible time of being consumed with all of these crazy hormones and insecurities. So, time keeps passing and life throws you many curve balls and before you know it, you're 29, in a marriage you really don't want to be in, living a life that you no longer want and finally realizing that everyone has insecurities and obstacles to get through and thats when you need to ask yourself; whats more important? What people think of you or what you think of yourself?

At 29, you finally start learning who you are and who you want to become. You start asking the tough questions like 'what will it take for me to be at peace with the choices I've made and live my life to the fullest'? For me, the word 'Freedom' kept popping up and it slowly became the thing that drove me to change my life completely.

So that was when I started setting this dream into motion. Little did I know that 'making it' was going to take a hell of alot more then just setting my mind to it. There are alot more NO'S in this business then there are YES'S but I suppose thats what makes it worth while. Nothing that comes too easy is worth having, so they say. So here I am, still chasing the dream and hopefully one day soon I will be living it.

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