Thursday, September 17, 2009

Whats up with all the Vampires?

From my headline you would assume I'm not down with the vamps but that is so not true!!!

I am a total vampire lover. It started with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and has continued now with the 'Twilight' series. I have to admit, I am not sure if the attraction lies in the fact that these men are vamps, or if its the way they communicate with the women they love.

Lets be honest, we're all feminists, well most of the people I know anyway. Free thinkers, liberals. We don't want to be told what to do from anyone, least of all a man. BUT and this is a big BUT, there is something about a man taking control, not in a manipulative way but in a loving way, that is still very much a turn-on. They are the ultimate bad boys and we can't get enough!

With 'Angel & Buffy', Joss Wheadon created the perfect love story except for one little clause, 'Buffy and Angel' can't have sex or 'Angel' turns into 'Angelus' who is the evil side of 'Angel'. (This transformation involved gypsies and a curse that gave 'Angelus' a soul many centuries ago. A whole back story is involved) Truth be told, 'Angelus' was hot!!! He was crude, sexy and evil as hell but we loved it. Of course what everyone was really responding to was the actor who brought this character to life, David Boreanaz.

Flash forward 6 years later and 'Twilight' the movie comes out. Once again what the world is responding to is the actor that plays 'Edward Cullen' who now epitomizes all things 'Edward', Robert Pattinson. As soon as I saw the movie, I was pretty much done. I read all the books in a weekend and was left wanting much, much more. As most people who have read the books know, its quite an easy and innocent read but there are huge chunks of story missing (i.e. the sex parts) which leave you very unsatisfied and wanting more.

Most people assume that this story only appeals to teenagers which is totally false. I believe women, regardless of their age, crave this kind of all consuming love and wish to feel this at least once in their lives. This sort of 'knight in shining armor' or 'knight in shiny Volvo' in the case of 'Twilight'; where you basically lose your mind and your panties in the process. Yes he's a bit overprotective and there is also that little obstacle that might get in the way called 'bloodlust' where he might actually kill you but what the hell, its hot!

Thanks to this current obsession, I have discovered something called 'Fanfiction' which will hold me over till the next movie fix. I feel like I'm divulging a deep dark secret but IT IS AMAZING!!! These women are truly gifted writers. Not only do they have amazing imaginations but my god, can they describe a sex scene like nobody's business!

They have names like LolaShoes, tby789, Lipsmacked and Tara Sue Me and they are all above the age of 20. They create whole worlds surrounding these 'Twilight' characters that are so facinating and hard to put down that I find myself carrying these stories around with me all the time. Did I mention they are extremely sexually graphic? Just the way us 'grown-ups' like them. Some of these stories span thousands of pages with so much detail and time put into them, its mind boggoling. They even have a podcast called "Twigasm". Where they discuss their favorite authors, recommend stories, give shout outs to fanfiction newbies; its just an amazing community that keeps on growing. They never apologize for their sexual appetites or their blatant love of all things Rob Pattinson and they keep everyone reading.

These ladies are a perfect examples of how many non-teenagers are in love with this 'Twilight" world and after reading quite a few of these stories myself, I am pretty sure there are plenty of husbands and boyfriends that have benifited from these lovely ladies' imaginations. Happy Reading!!!

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